Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I Miss This Am I Crazy?

This is a pic of my son and DIL's mail box back in CT. You can just see the top of it! Of course they have had more snow since this was taken.Today I believe DIL told me they were having an ice storm, with more snow predicted for the coming weekend!
I have lived in Oregon going on 6yrs now. The part of Oregon I live in has had one fairly reasonable size snow storm in those 6yrs! I know I can drive to the snow, but I miss being stuck in the house and puttering while the snow falls outside, it always seems so quiet and relaxing.
Snow storms are one of the things I miss about living in New England!
Don't get me wrong I am sure Oregon has its good points, I have seen some beautiful countryside here, once you get out of town, but give me a break you have helmet laws here! I could see a lot more if I didn't have to wear the darn helmet!
Oregon is not really bad I am just homesick today. Normally this is the week that I would be flying back east to visit my family and play with the grand kids. Not happening this year, since I was there in August for a # of weeks. Yes I am pouting!

What Is It With Boys??

This is a pic of my oldest grandson, and yes that is ice all around him!  What normal person would cut a hole in the ice and jump in the water? And he wants a drivers licence! I am thinking that neither of these things are good ideas!
I actually have today off from work!  After I get everything returned to the cabinets from the invasion of the mini ants, and get a little sleep, I am thinking I may actually get some time to sew!  There are 9 more potholders waiting to be put together and quilted and binding added, then on to cutting out my table runner,it was supposed to have been finished in January! If life could be like Monopoly I would make sure to buy more hours for my days every time I went past GO!