Thursday, July 21, 2011

A new place to sell your fabric and creations

There is a new on line shop that sells your excess fabric (does this really exist?)  Also to sell anything you have made from fabric but from fabric only! That's pretty cool you won't have to go hunting for the fabric section of the store.Any hoo follow the link to find out the details.

Friday, July 8, 2011

AccuQuilt Baby GO and 3 Dies Giveaway I found a 3rd one today!

I am so enjoying these AccuQuilt giveaways! I bet you are all enjoying them also!  Hope on over to:

for a chance to win one with 3 dies! This might just be the time you win one! Don't give up keep entering someone has to win!

AccuQuilt Baby Go! Another Giveaway Found!

I found another Accuquilt Go Baby giveaway! I sure hope Accuquilt keeps this up I would really love to have one of these little babies!
Are you entering all the giveaways to win one of these? I sure am! Here is another one for you to try, and a great blog to hook up to.

I found an AccuQuilt Go Giveaway

Wow they are giving these away all over blog land lately! They are the coolest machines as I am sure everyone knows!For a chance to win one go enter at: