Monday, January 31, 2011

One More Night

The week of work is almost over! YES!!!
One more night and then I can stay home and catch up on things.
I had been planning on moving around some things in my sewing room and cleaning out the spare room in the hopes of enlarging my crafting space....this will not be happening..DRAT!!
At 7am while getting things out of cabinets so I would be prepared to cook dinner when I got out of bed today.....what did I find..........ANTS................ICKY!!!
Things have been thrown away and others are in boxes on the kitchen floor. I have hopefully committed mass murder where the little buggers are concerned, but am not even going to open the cabinet and look till tomorrow.
The new plan for tomorrow is to empty all the rest of the kitchen cabinets, scrub them down then refill them.
I have managed to get my DIL's pot holders cut out and started I actually have one of them finished! I wonder how my son is going to feel about pink pot holders?
Enjoy your day.

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