Sunday, March 6, 2011

Oh Where Oh Where Could She Be?

I don't seem to be starting out very well with getting postings up on a regular basis. I really haven't been doing much to post about either. I have gotten a few things cut out and ready to stitch up. I have gone to work. I have slept. Mostly I have been fighting the invasion of the little tiny monsters........sugar ants! So far their strategy has been better then mine, hide till I think they are gone and I put everything away, then come back when I am either out of the house or asleep! I am trying to convince my DH that we need to call in the big guns, and actually pay someone to take care of this problem. At the moment however he is still unwilling to admit defeat! Of course he is not the one who gets to do all the moving of things and cleaning up after every invasion, as I am sure you all already know. We have been free of the little monsters for 3 days now, but I think this time I will wait a week before I put things back in the cupboards. At least if they show up again I won't have to move it all out and wash it again!

As I am not very computer literate I have yet to learn how to get the pics off of the camera and onto the computer so that I can show you some project pics and some finishes. I will get to this. I can't even give you a link to follow to look at a pattern of what i am doing since I usually just do my own thing. I find following patterns very difficult, and prefer not to live with the added stress of attempting to follow one! I suppose I should learn to do this at some point.

There is one interesting little thing that has happened I have acquired a feather weight machine! It has not yet arrived as I bought it online at an auction. I am on pins and needles awaiting the impending arrival!

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