Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I Miss This Am I Crazy?

This is a pic of my son and DIL's mail box back in CT. You can just see the top of it! Of course they have had more snow since this was taken.Today I believe DIL told me they were having an ice storm, with more snow predicted for the coming weekend!
I have lived in Oregon going on 6yrs now. The part of Oregon I live in has had one fairly reasonable size snow storm in those 6yrs! I know I can drive to the snow, but I miss being stuck in the house and puttering while the snow falls outside, it always seems so quiet and relaxing.
Snow storms are one of the things I miss about living in New England!
Don't get me wrong I am sure Oregon has its good points, I have seen some beautiful countryside here, once you get out of town, but give me a break you have helmet laws here! I could see a lot more if I didn't have to wear the darn helmet!
Oregon is not really bad I am just homesick today. Normally this is the week that I would be flying back east to visit my family and play with the grand kids. Not happening this year, since I was there in August for a # of weeks. Yes I am pouting!

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