Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Great Giveaway

The Intrepid Thread has been blogging for two years now!  Wow, time sure goes by fast.

What do you think is happening on her blog right now?

If you guessed GIVEAWAY you are correct!  Super giveaway is more like it.

So follow the link and go sign up for some chances at wonderful prizes.



Quiltingranny said...

Jo, thanks for stopping by with your rays of encouragement. I will be in Bremerton. Many moves over the years as hubs was NAVY and then nuclear power tech moving from place to place. I think I determined we have moved at least 21 times in the 30 years we have been married. This move will be by a pro, we are to old to move the heavy things!

Kate said...

Hi Jo, you have won a giveaway on my blog. I need an email address from you.

claire witherspoon said...

Hi Jo, you are my lucky winner on the Quilt Gallery blog hop! I will email you as well to notify you. Happy Holiday! cheers, Claire W.